2017, AEB still poses a major risk for health workers

In May 2017, the website infirmiers.com dealed with the last AES-RAISIN 2015 report and how it involves into health care professionals’daily work. Even if the exposure risk average decreased since 2008 (-23%), the AEB poses a major risk for health workers, (5,7% of hospital acts), and for paramedical workers (60%) even more.

To broaden protection for Independent nurses

According to the article, during the JNIL (Journées nationales des infirmiers Libéraux, the National Day of Independent Nurses) in March 2017, a symposium was held on protection of independent nurses against AEB, it was said “to think about implement new actions like a monitoring system to protect the independent nurses or access systems for secure medical devices where they are necessary.”

To still secure materials

The article concludes that “the installation of security equipment enhanced by the European Directive 2010/32/EU encourages institutions to improve the safety of devices within their structure, while many procedures are still carried out with conventional equipment.”

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