PAOPI, a valuable support for our project

Following the submission of PAOPI file to the DIeS, Patrick Lamas has obtained an appointment with the Ministry of Health at the end of march.

Run by the Secretary General of the ministries in charge of social affairs, the delegation for health innovation (DIeS) elaborates the policy of health innovation in order to anticipate and to support the development and the launching of all innovations : medicines, vaccines, biotherapies, diagnostics, medical devices, e-health, polymorphic solutions, organizational innovations, prevention, medico-social approaches.

This represents an opportunity to convince the highest levels of public health authorities of the merits of the CERTEX project designed and promoted by HSBI.

PAOPI (Analysis and Orientation Center for Innovative Projects) is a “mentoring service for health innovation to receive, to provide and to support project leaders.”

Paopi supports and improves health innovation through the various steps of the ecosystem.  It can also facilitate market access for projects with higher impact or higher potential.

This spring appointment is crucial for HSBI.

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