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From Vulnerability to Belief

In the 1990s, the emergence of AIDS drove many healthcare actors towards the improvement of hospital hygiene and the reduction of nosocomial infections.
Patrick Lamas was a medical technician, regularly he performed gasometric sampling in intensive care units. Facing the well-known risk of AEB, he was aware of his vulnerability toward its patients at risk and of the weakness of protection tools.

In the following years, he was a science attaché in the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, his idea about improving protection was reinforced.

In 2010, on the way back to an international judo tournament, Patrick Lamas was the victim of a traffic accident that will change his own life and while paradoxically it will enhance ability and ideas to fight against nosocomial risk and help public health.

Over the years and beside his employment and his career as high-level athlete, Patrick Lamas has built up a set of studies and technical potential in order to start a biotechnology business. A new company specialized in design and manufacture devices able to avoid or reduce nosocomial risk for the patient and AEB’s risk for the caregiver.

The story begins after filed first patents and thanks to a heightened fighting context against IAS.

From conviction to action

Nowadays, the HSBI startup is propelled by energy and conviction shared by a multidisciplinary team and by health professionals, industrialists and lawyers.

From the beginning, HSBI recieved support and guarantee from the BPI (Public Investment Bank) whose expertise convinced Patrick Lamas of the consistency and viability of his project.

The HSBI partner team consists of ALTRAN, an industrial research company, and a new pharmaceutical industrial partner in charge of manufacturing and of international distribution (Europe, US, Asia…) of the first products.

This homogeneous and efficient set brings new hopes to fight against the Infections coming from care, with this main goal: «protecting hand to hand».

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